One of the main cultural languages of the Western world is the German language. There are more than 100 million native speakers. Looking for a German transcription service? VoiceMonk studio is the one-stop solution for your German transcription needs. We at VoiceMonk studio have the best human transcribers in our German transcription team and our automatic transcription software is promising too. You can rest assured you will receive a completed German transcript on time after submission, no matter the number of files you need to have transcribed our proficient German transcription team will do that. Don’t worry about your files, they are in safe hands, and all of our transcribers have strict confidentiality agreements.

About VoiceMonk

VoiceMonk studio is a transcription agency having a professional team with 15 years of experience. We have specialist transcribers and they are highly skilled at what they do. In the professional transcription of your video, our expert linguists accurately capture the cultural nuances. Additionally, in a wide range of topics linguists have advanced knowledge. For TV programs, video games, movies, or YouTube videos our German transcription service is perfect. Our top priority is to provide the best possible service, accurate transcription on time within budget.

We rely on more accurate, traditional methods of transcription Transcribe formats Any audio files from any other format we cover all the formats including
Transcribe mp3 to text
Transcribe mp4 to text
Transcribe WAV to text, etc.

Services we provide

Video and Audio Transcriptions, Audio and Video Podcast Transcription Services, Conferences, Web-Based Meetings, Speeches & Over the phone conferences, Medical Transcription services such as interviews with patients, doctors, and medical researchers and Medical Conferences too, Business Meetings, Corporate Lectures, Corporate Training Sessions & Seminar, Face to Face Interviews and Telephonic interviews, etc.

Why us

Your files will be delivered before the deadline with an accuracy of 99% by our German human transcription team. Along with making our studio one of the most complete and accurate transcription services, VoiceMonk studio offers manual transcription also. To sort out any difficulty related to audio/video quality our German human transcribers are skilled enough. any oral recording into its written version whatever your material’s subject, length, or language, we can accurately and quickly transcribe.

Why transcription

The transcript procures helpful text that can be categorized and ranked. To boost your SEO keyword strategy also transcript helps a lot. All over the world, there exists a vast variance in dialects and accents. A transcript makes your video searchable within your website or archive and also makes it more searchable across the web. By enhancing videos, audio to text transcription allows viewers to get a better experience from a video which helps to increase their overall engagement and experience.

Our package

The package completely depends on your project. We assure you that the quality we will give you, no one will give you the same quality at that price in the market. For a detailed inquiry Feel free to contact us at