Looking for professional German voiceover artists? Your search over here, you have proficient German voiceover artists at your door now. With experienced and trained native German voiceover artists, VoiceMonk is a post-production studio that offers modern technology and better quality at a lower price.

About VoiceMonk

Both in all Indian and international languages, you can get voiceover services and voiceover artists according to your preferences. From different parts of the world, our voiceover artists come from. In Delhi having 15 years of experience with a bouquet of talented multilingual voiceover artists Voice monk is an Indian-based post-production studio. And here at VoiceMonk, these voiceover artists play the magic of their voice. In almost every country across the world, VoiceMonk has an extensive network. our only aim is clients’ satisfaction, our client’s satisfactory experience determines how successful we are, with an experienced casting team VoiceMonk has state-of-the-art technology. At the marginal price range, we provide high-quality German voice-over service.

Our services

We at VoiceMonk offer German voiceover services for everything that needs a voiceover.
German voice-over services we offer for varied genres Globally.
German Corporate Voice Over Service
German Character Voice Over Service
German Commercial Voice Over Service
German Telephone Voice Over Service
German Presentation Voice Over Service
German Movie Trailer Voice Over Service
German Product Video Voice Over Service
German Elearning Voice Over Service
German Radio Voice Over Service
Live announcement Voice Over Service
German TV Tags Voice Over Service
German Narration Voice Over Service
German Entertainment Voice Over Service
German Video Game Voice Over Service
German Interactive Voice Over Service
German Screen Synced Voice Over Service
Time Synced Voice Over Service
German Simple Voice Over Service
German IVR Voice Over for PRAMS (Pre-Recorded Announcements and Music),
German E-learning Voice Over Service
German Voice Over for promotional videos
German Voice Over for audiobooks including video content, subtitling, voiceover in every dialect.
Gender and age- we can provide you exactly the type of voice you want.
Female Old Age Voice Over
Female Middle age Voice Over
Female Young and adult Voice Over
Female Teenage Voice Over
Female Child Voice Over
Female Rrobotic Voice Over
Female Cartoon/Animation Voice Over
Female Warm Voice Over
Female Aggressive Voice Over
Female Funny Voice Over
Female Tragic Voice Over
Male Old age Voice Over
Male Middle age Voice Over
Male Young and adult Voice Over
Male Teenage Voice Over
Male Child Voice Over
Male Robotic Voice Over
Male Cartoon/Animation Voice Over
Male Warm Voice Over
Male Aggressive Voice Over
Male Funny Voice Over
Male Tragic Voice Over
We have a pool of voice over artists to choose from.

Why us

Our competent German voiceover team 
Our experienced and highly qualified professional team of translators and voiceover artists is dedicated to delivering high-quality recording and voiceover services at a fair rate on time. We are incredibly gracious about the confidentiality of your project, your data is in safe hands. Our specialist team is always devoted to providing exceptional services to clients. We at VoiceMonk provide high-quality recording and voiceover service. We made our clients completely satisfied, whether it’s e-learning, animation, documentaries, gaming, media and entertainment, or advertising.

Our price

VoiceMonk studio is the only one in the market that is delivering the highest quality voice-over services at the most competitive packages on time in the German voiceover industry. For a detailed inquiry Feel free to contact us at info@voicemonk.in